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SMS are used to send sms messages as part of your notification strategy.

Provider interface

Each sms provider in Notifire must adhere to the following interface.

export interface IProvider {
id: string;
channelType: ChannelTypeEnum;

export interface ISmsOptions {
to: string;
content: string;
from?: string;

export interface ISmsProvider extends IProvider {
sendMessage(options: ISmsOptions): Promise<any>;

channelType: ChannelTypeEnum.SMS;

In future releases we are planning to add more methods for each provider. Including the ability to send batch messages and webhook implementations.

Writing a provider

You can see how to write all types of providers in our article dedicated just for that.

Provider registration

After you have created your provider you must register it with the library:

await notifire.registerProvider(
new TwilioSmsProvider({
accountSid: process.env.TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID,
authToken: process.env.TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN,
from: process.env.TWILIO_FROM_NUMBER,