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E-mail providers are used to send e-mail messages as part of your notification strategy. It is usually the first step in the transactional notification realm.

Provider interface#

Each e-mail provider in Notifire must adhere to the following interface.

export interface IProvider {  id: string;  channelType: ChannelTypeEnum;}
export interface IEmailOptions {  to: string | string[];  subject: string;  html: string;  from?: string;  text?: string;}
export interface IEmailProvider extends IProvider {  channelType: ChannelTypeEnum.EMAIL;
  sendMessage(options: IEmailOptions): Promise<any>;}

In future releases we are planning to add more methods for each provider. Including the ability to send batch messages and webhook implementations.

Writing a provider#

You can see how to write all types of providers in our article dedicated just for that.

Provider registration#

After you have created your provider you must register it with the library:

await notifire.registerProvider(  new SendgridEmailProvider({    apiKey: process.env.SENDGRID_API_KEY,    from: "",  }));