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Notifire is an Open-source library for managing multi-channel transactional notifications with a single API.


Building a notification layer is that thing that we as developers have to do for every new project. It usually starts the same, sending just a simple email, and after a while, you'll find yourself managing hundreds of notifications across multiple channels. Notifire goal is to help developers create meaningful transactional communication between the product the users of it. All with an easy-to-use API and outstanding developer experience.

Unified API

Today, users tend to receive communication across multiple providers. Sendgrid for Email, Twilio for SMS, Mailchimp, Push, Web-Push, Direct messaging (Slack and etc...). The main reasoning behind this is that users expect to customize the communication channels to fit their needs and goals. This forces developers to manage all of those API's across the codebase.

Notifire provides a single API to manage all your customer communication. Need to add a new provider? Switch your email provider? Fallback to mailgun when SendGrid is down? We've got you covered!

Community driven

Thousands of developers have repeatedly written notification systems inside their apps again and again. Notifire combines the knowledge of developers around the world to create the most comprehensive library for managing notifications once and for all.