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Are you working on [feature]?

We're working as fast as we can! We are working on building new features as well as providers, in case something is missing please check our Github Discussions, to quickly summarize:

  • A Unified API for triggering all type of product based notifications.
  • Easy to use provider registration as well as provider template to create new ones.
  • Proper declarative template store, that is easy to manage, outside your code business logic.
  • JavaScript/Nodejs library and APIs, implementing OCL.
  • Theming, properties, and filters for templates, so you won't need to write that in your code.

Why should this and not [provider name]?

While it is perfectly reasonable to just use [provider name], it generates multiple issues, first and foremost, separation of concerns, a business logic unit, should not manage provider API, just you business logic. Secondly, once you started using [provider name] in your code, you start manage templates, permutations and filters in your code, hence the code becomes unreadable and tightly coupled. OCL solves this.

Do you support [provider name]?

You can see our providers in this providers directory, if something is missing you are more than welcome to suggest or upvote a provider here. Lastly you can create you very own provider, following the this guide.

Do you have a library for [some other language]?

We currently have a JavaScript library. You can vote on or suggest a new client library for your favorite language. There is a similar library for python called Notifiers. While Notifiers is not exactly the same, it does solve a lot of the issues, mainly around provider coupling.